I welcome all participants to the 7th National Conference of Women in Police.  As the Conference Secretary, and on behalf of the 7th NCWP Chairperson, Ms Vimla Mehra, Senior Spl. Commissioner of Police (Admin) Delhi Police, I am looking forward to your active participation.  The DG, CRPF, Shri Prakash Mishra has very kindly consented to host the 7TH National Conference of Women in Police at the CRPF Academy, Kadarpur, Gurgaon from 6th to 8th January, 2016.    Please participate in large numbers.  It is your forum, your conference.  Let us together celebrate our achievements and work towards making ourselves more professionally, capable, competent and contributing to the service and the Nation.

                                            Thank you!
Jai Hind!
                                Anupam Kulshreshth
a, IPS
                                   DIG (Adm), CRPF
                                         New Delhi.

                                                 MESSAGE OF DG CRPF

  It gives me immense pleasure to host the 7th edition of National conference of women in Police [NCWP] in collaboration with Bureau of Police Research and Development, MHA from 6th to 8th January, 2016 at CRPF Academy Kadarpur, Gurgaon,. The Theme "Capacity building and leadership" is quite apt and relevant in today's scenario when women police officers are being considered as harbinger of change for the empowered society. I am hopeful of your larger participation during the NCWP and your free and up-front deliberations shall go a long way in not only addressing issues and concerns of women in Police but also encourage and inspire more women to accept challenges of Police profession.

Jai Hind
  Prakash Mishra, IPS
                                                           DG CRPF