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I feel privileged to head an institution which is shaping the future leaders of this great Force. This alma mater of CRPF officers located at Kadarpur, which started functioning in Oct'2005, Gurugram conjures up the image of an oasis in the rocky and barren terrain in the foot hills of the Aravali Range.

The aim of the DAGO's training is to develop qualities of leadership, management skill and command, through a well structured curriculum of indoor and outdoor subjects. Outdoor activities focus on combat training. Through various specialized modules, the training facilitates acquisition of the required physical endurance, professional skills, discipline and team spirit whereas the indoor training helps in optimizing potential of trainees mental capabilities to make them competent and dependable commanders with leadership qualities and high value system.

The Academy has come a long way and has developed manifold since its inception. Today, the Academy has an excellent infrastructure which is used for the all round development of trainee officers and in service officers who visit us to undergo various command related courses. The training activities at Academy not only transform a civilian into a physically tough and mentally robust person, but also instil in him the high values of character building and a sense of responsibility.  The CRPF Academy today is one of the finest training institutions for officers of all police forces in the sub-continent. It also has the privilege of hosting the first ever course of FPU, TOT under the aegis of UN in which trainers from 11 countries and trainees from 23 countries had participated.

The Kadarpur Campus is Spread over 308 acres of lush green land and proudly possesses a golf course, a grand parade ground, a 1000 yards Full Bore Shooting Range, (Venue for Common Wealth Games, 2010) a back to back 25/50 Meters ultra-modern Baffle Firing Range, a magnificent Trg/Adm block, and multi story hostel for participants/ trainees.

The internal security scenario of the country has become increasingly complex. In keeping with the demands of the emerging complex situations the Force which has grown in numbers and in terms of modernization of weaponry equipment and transport. All this had made the requirement of CRPF Academy a necessity to be a Centre of Excellence for trg the officers.

The Credo of CRPF Academy is "rtfLo uko/khreLrq”. It has been taken from ancient scripture "Kathaponishad”. Its meaning is "Let brilliance emerge out of our endeavours”.

With this brief introduction, I would take you, the visitor, to this website ,which allows you to learn about this Academy ,an elite institution of India,in the field of internal security , personality development,counter insurgency operations and human resource development .The visitors will be acquainted with the activities ,training culture and all other efforts which go in the making of the finest officers who bear the sacred responsibility of maintaining the unity, integrity and internal security of the motherland.

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