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Tender For Body Compositio n Analyzer at CRPF Academy, Gurugram

Tender Number : L.VII-1 /2017- 18- Q-ACDY
Publish Date : January 31, 2018
Last Date of Submission : February 28, 2018
Description : Tender For Body Compositio n Analyzer at CRPF Academy, Gurugram. Specification as under
1). Display Type – Colour LCD touch panel 
2). Interface- USB connectivity
 3).Minimum Testing Weight Range- 10 to 200 kg 
4).Minimum Height Range – 90 cm to 220 cm
 5). Bioelectrical- Impedance Analysis (BIA)Measurement items – Bioelectrical impedance(Z) 15 Impedance Measurements by Using 3 Different Frequencies (5 k Hz, 50 kHz, 250 k Hz or 500 kHz) at Each of 5 Segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, and Left Leg)
 6). Electrode Method- Multi frequency 8 Electrodes 
7). Measurement MethodDirect Segmental Multifrequency Bio electrical Impedance Analysis Method (DSM-BIA ) Simultaneous Multi-frequency Impedance Measurement (SMFIM)
 8). Printer Compatible: Laser inkjet printer.
 9). Database :Test result can be saved up to 10,000 result with saved IDS. 
10). USB Thumb Drive: Copy backup restore. 
11). Barcode reader. 
12). Desirable outputs and parameters:- 
i).Body Composition Analysis
 ii).Muscle-Fat Analysis
 iii).Segmental Lean Analysis
 iv).Segmental Fat Analysis
 v).Body Composition History 
vi).Body Type vii).Nutrition Evaluation.   viii).Obesity Evaluation.     ix).Segmental Circumference 
x).Total Body Water.     xi).Protein    xii).Minerals.     xiii).Weight.   xiv).Muscle mass.    xv).Body Fat Mass.    
xvi).Body Fat percentage.   xvii).BMI.        xviii). BMR.          xix). Waist Hip ratio.     
xx). Visceral Fat Label.           xxi). Fat Control.          xxii). Muscle Control.        
xxiii). Impedance. 
Optional parameters:-  i).Bone mineral content ii).Soft lean mass iii).Body cell mass iv).Body water analysis v).intracellular and extracellular wat
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