The Central Reserve Police Force came into existence as Crown Representative’s Police on 27th July 1939. It became the Central Reserve Police Force on enactment of the CRPF Act on 28th December 1949. It has completed 74 years of glorious history. The Force has grown into a big organization with 231 Bn, (including 200 executive Bns, 4 Mahila Bns,  10 RAF Bns, 10 CoBRA  Bns,  5 Signal Bns and 1 Special Duty Group & 1 PDG),  41 Group Centres,   20 Training Institutions, 3 CWS, 7 AWS, 3 SWS & 4 Composite Hospitals of 100 bed and 17 Composite Hospitals of 50 bed.




Role and Functions of the CRPF

            The Central Reserve Police Force is an armed Force of the Union of India, with the basic role of striking reserve to assist the State/Union Territories in Police operations to maintain law and order and contain insurgency. Its role is that of a catalyst in maintaining law & order, and returns to barracks once this objective is achieved. The force is also being used for various police duties in various States.


            It is All India in character, both in deployment and in its composition. Due to its unique capability to quickly adapt to various situational requirements, and also, to work in perfect harmony with the State Police, CRPF has, over the years, acquired the distinction of being perhaps the most acceptable Force, by the people and the State administrations.

Broad gamut of duties performed by the CRPF are:


           Besides Law and Order and counter insurgency duties, the role of CRPF in the General Elections, held repeatedly during the past few years, has been very significant and vital. This is especially true for the trouble torn States of J&K, Bihar and States of North East. During the  Parliamentary elections & State Assembly Election , the CRPF played a major role in the security arrangements.

          One of the vital roles of the CRPF, which is not very evident, is guarding vital Central Govt. installations such as Airport, Power houses, Bridges, Doordarshan  Kendras, All India Radio Stations, residence of Governers and Chief Ministers,
Nationalised Banks and other Government establishments in  insurgency affected States. The CRPF is ensuring the safety of the democratic institutions, and preventing the take over of civil society by the militants, in these highly disturbed areas. This contribution of the CRPF, though not very visible, is nonetheless very vital.

           7.5% of the Force is deployed for the security of VIPs mostly in North-Eastern States, J&K, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh which include Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers, MsP and MsLA of J&K, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland, Tripura and Mizoram. CRPF is also providing security (Static guard) at the residence/office of Prime Minister of India, various Union Ministers and MsP and other dignitaries.


             17.5% of the Force is deputed for guarding the important installations of Central and State Govts mostly in insurgency affected areas which includes Secretariats, Doordarshan Kendras, Telephone exchanges, Banks, Hydroelectric projects, Jails etc. CRPF is also deployed for the security of Parliament House.

            10 Coys of CRPF are deployed for the security of three sensitive shrines i.e. Krishna Janma Bhoomi, Shahi Idgah Masjid complex (Mathura), Ram Janma Bhoomi- Barbi Masjid complex (Ayodhya) and Kashi Vishwanath Temple- Gyanvapi Mosque (Varanasi). 4 Coys of the Force are deputed for the security of Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine, Katra, Jammu (J&K).

             CRPF is the only Para Military Force in the Country which has three Mahila (Ladies) Battalions. After its training in March 1987, 88(M) Bn won laurels for its work assisting the  Meerut riots and later with the IPKF in Srilanka. Personnel of second Mahila battalion (135 Bn) performed creditably during the Lok Sabha elections 1996 in many states. At present mahila personnel are deployed in active duty in Jammu & Kashmir, Ayodhya, Manipur, Assam and other parts of the country where they are doing commendable job. In addition each RAF battalion has a Mahila (Ladies) component consisting of 96 personnel.



Mahila Battalion  

            With increasing participation of women in politics, agitation and crime, policemen have been feeling handicapped in handling women agitations especially because even a small, real or alleged misdemeanour on their part in dealing with any matter related to women has the potential of turning into a serious law & order problem. To cope with such eventualities the first Mahila Bn in CRPF, the 88(M) Bn was created in 1986 with HQR in Delhi. The successful experiment of the  88 (Mahila) Bn and the ever increasing requirement of a Mahila component in dealing with emerging law and order situation  as well as the Government emphasis to empower the women Department had taken a of raising  the second  and  third  Mahila Bn i.e the 135(M) Bn with HQR at Gandhinagar (Gujarat) in 1995 and the 213 Bn with HQR  at Nagpur(Maharastra) in 2011.           

Further to augment above concept a new CRPF  Mahila Bn. i.e. the 232(M) Bn is  also being  raised at Ajmer during current financial year  2014-15.

The Mahila Bn. celebrated it’s Silver Jubilee this year. H.E. The President of India, Smt. Pratibha D. Patil took salute of the parade. Smt. Meira Kumar, Hon’ble Speaker of Lok Sabha honoured the achievers of the unit which included Padamsri Ms. Kunja Rani Devi and the gallantry medalists. Sh. Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Minister for Communications released “First Day Cover”. A Coffee Table Book was also released by Shri P. Chidambaram, Hon’ble Home Minister. Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson NAC presented a trophy to the 88 ( Mahila ) Battalion.



Role of Rapid Action Force 

  1. To rush to a place of communal incidents with 'Zero response time' and deal with such situations with the dexterity and expertise, to be especially acquired by the Force

  2. To render succour to the innocent persons ravaged by   riots.

Parameters for Deployment

            For optimum and effective utilisation of Force, certain parameters have been laid down in the orders issued by MHA:-


            The increasing communal tensions and riots during the early nineties had been putting a serious strain on the secular structure of  Indian Society. Consequently the Government took a well considered decision to set up a special anti-riot force which could reach the place of occurrence with the quickest possible speed and deal with communal riot or  riot-like situation in an absolutely objective and non-partisan manner.

            The RAF was raised by converting 10 existing CRPF Bns.  Young CRPF personnel with quick reflexes, maturity and un-biased views were selected and posted to these Bns. Five Bns became functional during October 1992 while the remaining five became operational in April 1994. The area of responsibility of each RAF Bn is approximately 400 Kms radious from the Bn HQr. The special features of the RAF are that each team is independently operational and mobile. They have a distinctive uniform and have to act in zero response time. Each Coy has a Mahila component and additional Para-medical staff for first aid, rescue and relief. In between spells of duty, RAF undertake intensive familiarisation exercises in communally sensitive areas to familiarise themselves with the area. To make bridges with the public, RAF also undertakes socially useful work such as children education, adult literacy, tree plantation, medical camps, hygiene education etc. and also adoption of villages for all round focused development.

            RAF was recently deployed in highly sensitive situations in Mumbai during Ganesh Utsava, in Karnataka after kidnapping of Kannada film star Raj Kumar and in Malpura (Rajasthan) during communal riot to maintain law and order.


           The following points were kept in view:-

  1. Age group of constabulary to be between 20-27 years and junior leaders to be between 30-35 years to keep the perpetually young.

  2. Inclusion of personnel already having a few years of service with qualities of direction and drive to ensure that the personnel have the required maturity for the delicate duties required to be performed.

  3. A composite character with fair representation of minorities and weaker sections to be maintained by re-grouping and re-shuffling the personnel from other Bns of the CRPF.

RAF activities during last few years

            100 Bn RAF went through its first fire test in 1994 when it assisted the Civil Administration in Surat (Gujrat) during the out break of  Plague which had assumed gignatic proportions. RAF proved its worth in dealing with such type of natural calamity by evacuating a large number of plague victims to hospitals and assisted civil and para medical staff in tackling the gruesome situation. 

            RAF Units have been in the forefront in organising Medical Relief Camps. The  following relief camps were organised:-

i)   I0l Bn-

Organised medical relief camp in Allahabad during Kumbh Mela in 1995 and provided medical aid to a large number of pilgrims.

  ii)   103 Bn- 

Organised medical camps at Natthupura, Karwalnagar, and Sabhapur and provided medicines to sick and needy people in 1995.

iii) 108 Bn- 

Organised medical relief and public awareness camp at     Ghaziabad, which was attended by more than 400  villagers who were provided     with free medicines in 1995.


When Dengue fever epidemic spread all over the capital, 3 medical camps were established by RAF Bn at Mehrauli, Gokulpuri and Sultanpuri where more than 5,000 patients were educated and provided with preventive medicines.


All RAF Units are organising routine Medical camps in their respective location on the occasions of Pulse Polio Eradication Programme.

vi) Three Days Medical camps were organised at Nand Nagari (East Delhi) and at Rajiv Gandhi Smrithi Van (Sarai Kale Khan) South Delhi from 11/11/99 to 13/11/99 under the arrangements of RAF Sector to provide medical aid to poor people living in slum areas of the city.  As many as 8,577 patients were provided medical treatment free of cost.

            RAF has also actively assisted in relief and rescue work :-

  1. On 11.6.95, a tourist party consisting of two men and woman were  washed away in heavy currents of Narmada river at Neelkantheshwar Mahedev Mandir in Bharuch (Guj). Personnel of B/107 RAF,  deployed in that area, jumped immediately into the river without caring for their own lives, and rescued all of them.

  2. On 13.7.95, a powerful bomb exploded in a private bus in Saharanpur (UP).   A contingent of D/108 RAF conducting familiarisation exercise close by, immediately rushed to the site and rescued the injured passengers from the burning bus and evacuated them to hospital, thus saving many precious lives.

  3. On 20/8/95, a major train accident took place between the Purshottam and Kalindi Express near Firozabad railway station. Two Coys of 101 Bn RAF which were deployed in Faizabad, immediately rushed to the accident site to extricate the casualties and evacuated the injured passengers to hospital.

  4. On 3/9/95, a three storied Hotel collapsed in heavy rain in Meerut. Personnel of D/108 RAF rushed to the site and assisted local authorities in extricating three severely wounded persons. Five dead bodies were also traced and pulled out from the debris.

  5. Personnel of 101 Bn RAF rescued victims trapped in a wall collapse in Ayodhya (U.P.) on 26th March, 1996, and evacuated them to hospital.

  6. On 11 June’1998, the RAF contingent gave valuable assistance to the people and Government of Gujrat, in relief and rescue work around Kandla Port in West Gujrat which was struck by a devastating cyclone. One Coy of 100 Bn RAF was rushed to the area, carried out rescue and relief work up to 20th June’98, earning a good name for the Force.

  7. A Coy of 106 Bn RAF carried out rescue and relief operations for 45 days in Gangtok (Sikkim) which had been severely hit by devastating land slides. The Coy rescued a number of people and salvaged large amounts of cash, valuables etc.

  8. In 1998 the RAF organised two Medical Camps in Sultanpuri and Gokulpuri areas of Delhi in its effort to assist Civil Administration to contain the spread of Dropsy, Dengue and other contagious diseases. More than 5,000 patients turned up for medical check up and blood testing. They were also provided with preventive medicines and educated on the awareness of various diseases.

  9. On 1/4/99, a sudden fire broke out in Sanjay Market, Jamshedpur. Personnel of D/Coy 106 Bn RAF rushed to the spot and despite injuries, gave valuable assistance in relief and rescue work.

  10. Four Coys of 99 Bn and 2 Coys of 106 Bn RAF actively assisted the Civil Administration in Orissa in the relief and rescue operation after the devastating cyclone hit the State in October 1999. The personnel worked tirelessly  to rescue marooned and affected personnel and provided them succour. The relief provided included:

(a) Distribution of 104 truck loads of rescue and relief materials in 105 Gram Panchayats feeding approximately 1,25,000 families.
(b) Medical camps in different areas providing medical aid to about 9,031  patients.
(c) Milk camps for infants, children and lactating mothers.
(d) Cremation of 413 bodies recovered from the cyclone affected areas

            Besides the above, CRPF units deployed in J&K and NES have carried out Civic Action Programmes in far-flung and interiors of such  areas. Free medicines, books, study materials, sports items were distributed,  apart from construction of temporary/semi permanent buildings for schools, bathrooms/toilets etc. by CRPF Units, which has been much appreciated by the local administration and local people. By conducting Civic Action Programmes, CRPF have taken a step forward for consolidation of peace gained the confidence of the local populace. 



Keeping Track on a Person's Service Records, Dues etc.

            Group Centres of Central Reserve Police Force which are located in different parts of the Country are responsible to maintain service records of the personnel of Units those are attached to them. Group Centres are also responsible for payment of all type of dues to the personnel of Units attached with it. Regular monthly pay bills are centrally prepared  by EDP Cell at Force Hqrs New Delhi and are sent to all field units along with drafts/cheques so that the payment of monthly pay and allowances to the men /women is made by the last working day of the same month.  For payment of bills a centralised Pay and Accounts office is functioning at Force Hqrs. at New Delhi which is responsible for clearing payment of  all types of claim of the personnel.

Queries from different quarters on different subjects

          The Force offices receive queries from different quarters on service matters such as Recruitment/Promotions and about payment of retirement benefits. Such queries are replied promptly by concerned offices to the individual concerned.

Problems arising due to movement and tackling with them.  

        Central Reserve Police Force is a versatile Force of all India character. The Force is primarily used to aid and assist the States and thus comtemporary internal security scenario of the country has a direct bearing on its operational commitments and responsibilities. Depending upon the internal security situations cropping up in different parts of the country, the Force is rushed at short notice by quickest available means to tackle the situation.

        The Force has the distinction of undertaking such frequent and cross country operational moves at short notice and thus plays a vital role towards maintenance of security and integrity of the country.  



                        The details of achievement gained by the RAF units for the period from 16/11/2011 to 15/12/2011 are as under.  



99 Bn. 

       During the Telangan Agitation 04 coys of 99 Bn RAF were deployed in AP for maintaining law and order duty wef. 25/06/2011 and when the coys were deployed in riots and riots like situations and Telangana agitation they control the situation with Co-ordination of civil Police and disburse the Mob effectively and all deployment went of peacefully without any incidents.   

100 Bn.

    One coy of this unit was deployed for law and order duty in connection with 22 February, 2011 court was to give verdict on Godhara carnage case.

    One coy of this unit was deployed for law and order duty in connection with final declaration of verdict of punishment for Godhara carnage case.

     Two coys of this unit were deployed for law and duty in connection with serial Bomb Blast in Amendabad (Gujrat) on 26/07/11.

      In additional to above all coys of this unit have been deployed in various festival/occasion and agitation.

       The achievement lies in the fact that this unit successfully completed and tackled the critical law and order situation without any casualty/ injury to our troops and restored the peace.

        This unit has been awarded as best administration battalion and best Ops battalion among all RAF units by Shri. Mullapali Ramachandran, Minister of state MHA, during 19th RAF anniversary on 07/10/2011 in Aligarh (UP)  

       During March-2011 to April-2011 Cyclone had uprooted few old trees of nearby villages also some of the roof tops of few house also flew away. All coys of this unit had done relief work in their adopted villagers, they had distributed cloths, food items, polythene sheets ect for immediate relief of grieved person.

       In nearby adopted village Vanch Hanch heavy rainfall on 13th july had destroyed the building of govt. primary school; The Sarpanch had contacted our unit for some aid. Unit had provided every possible help by providing them stationary for children and old tin sheets for immediately relief.

       On 17/12/11 during Moharram procession an incident of stone pelting occurred in Shahapur police station area B/100 coy fired rubber –bullets and tears smoke and hence contained the situation.      

        On Swarnim Gujrat festival all four coys of this unit were released to Sardar Patel stadium Ahmedabad for L/O duty .Sudden scuffle aroused  in the nearby Police Chowki namely Mahdhavpur ,some miscreants had charred  an auto rickshaw and disturbed . The peace of the area. One platoon of D/100 was deployed at Sardar Patel Stadium for law and order duty in connection with Swarnim Gujrat occasion wef to 01/05/11 to 03/5/11 at about 2010 hrs information was received from civil Police authority that same crowd have aroused near EED- GAh Police Chowki under Police Station Madhavpura coy was immediately moved to the place of incident. When the coy reached at the location people were pelting stones and glass bottle. An Auto Rickshaw was burnet by crowd public who were involved in this riot like situation belonged to Hindu and Muslim community. Sub- unit took proper action as per requirement of situation. Situation was tense but soon peace was restored. This unit performed a tremendous job during Swanim Gujrat occasion communal violence and brought situation is under control.           

      During Jat agitation in Haryana in the month of March-2011 coys of this unit deployed inn Hissar. Coys saved lot of Government property from agitators and handled the serious law and order problems effectively.  The commandant him self supervised the entire deployment.  The duties performed and the roll in bringing the law and order to normalcy by the RAF was appreciated by the IGP Haryana Police and Media.        

101 Bn

             During the above period coys of this unit deployed for law and order duties for 115 times (594 days) and no any major incident took place during our deployment. 

            On 16/12/2010 fire erupted at market of transport Nagar, Allahabad (UP) and on request of S.P. city Allahabad QAT  along with water canon  of this unit rushed to the incident place and assist district administration to extinguished the fire.

            On 01/09/2011 fire erupted in a transformer at GTB Nagar, PS- Kareli,  Allahabad and further it has been extended and caught fire on the pipe line of IOC.  On request of S.P. city Allahabad QAT along with water canon of this unit rushed to the incident place and assist district authority. To extinguished the fire.

            On 09/08/11  at about 2200 hrs. Violent erupted between two communities in Muradabad (UP) and riot like situation raised in the area. riotous mob set ablaze some vehicles, shop, house etc. C/101 rushed for Muradabad for control the situation. On 11/08/11 B/101 & D/101 also rushed for Muradabad to assist C/101 and both coys along with four coys of 108 Bn RAF was remaining deployed at Muradabad UP to 01/09/2011. As per order of IGP C/S D/101 which was en-route to unit Hqr from Faizabad rushed to Varanasi for emergent law & order duties in c/w bomb blast at Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi on 07/12/10 at 1835 hrs. C/101 remain deployed in Varansi for maintaining law and order situation till 14/12/2010. Incidents of communal clashes. On 13/03/11 in Allahabad one Muslim youth was shot death during conflict of two groups of Muslim community and law and order situation of the Khuldabad Police station area (Distt. Allahabad) became tense.  Seeing the prevailing tense situation of the area dm Allahabad has requisitioned for two coys of this unit.  Accordingly B/C-101 was deployed in the area wef 14/03/11 to 15/03/11  for maintaining law & order problems and both coys were actively involved in control the situation.  Agitation in which RAF actively involved in brining down the situation under control. On 21/01/2011 farmers became aggressive when state police personnel forcibly took away three of their leaders, sitting on fast unto death for medical check up. Agitators became aggressive and set ablaze two govt. Vehicles and started stone pelting on Police/PAC and RAF. Agitators blocked the traffic movement on the main Allahabad-Mirzapur highway and Delhi-Howrah railway tracks.  Situation became tense and 2 officers of civil police and some PAC personnel got injured. Five personnel of C/101 also got minor abrasion and bruising effects due to stone pelting.  S/unit remained deployed there to maintain law and order wef 21/01/11 to 23/01/11 and no incident took place after deployment of RAF. On 23/02/2011 A/101 was deployed for emergent law and order duty in connection with agitation of farmers against Prayagraj power Generation Company Ltd. Bara power project, under police station Shankargarh, Allahabad. On DM requisition and the coy was actively involved to normalized the law and order situation       A,D/101 was deployed in Mathura wef 06/03/11 to 17/03/11 in  connection with agitation of Gujjar community and both coys were actively involved in control the situation.

            B/101 was deployed for law and order duty in Allahabad on DM requisition in connection with agitation called by Samajwadi party workers and the coy was actively involved to normalize the law and order situation.

            A/101 deployed at Bagpat, B/101 at Muzaffarnagar, C/101 and D/101 at Ghaziabad wef 22/03/11 to 25/03/11 for maintaining tense law & order situation due to agitation of Jat. No untoward incident reported after deployment of RAF and situation of the area under control.

               On 24/05/2011 A/101 was deployed for l/o duty in Connection with Dharna/ agitation of farmers against Sangam power project plant.  On DM requisition and the coy was actively involved to normalized the law and order situation.

102 Bn

    [[A, B/102 were deployed in Mohali [Panjab] wef 29/03/11 to  01/04/2011 for law  and order duty in connection world cup semi final match at Mohali India v/s Pakistan both sub units played a significant role in controlling large gathering in ICC world cup semi final  an incident free was ensured.

     C,D/102 were deployed at Mumbai wef 28/03/11 to 02/04/2011 for law and order duties in connection with ICC world cup final match at Wankhade stadium in Mumbai India v/s Sri Lanka both sub units played a significant role in controlling large gathering in ICC world cup semifinal an incident free was ensured.

        All four coys of this unit were deployed for sensitive Ganesh & Ramzan / Id festival duty in Maharashtra i,e A/102 at Sangli  B,C,D/102 Mumbai wef 30/08/11 to 12/09/2011 all four coys played a significant role in smooth conduct of incident free Ganesh & Ramzan / ID festival and performed their duties without any untoward incident.

        B/102 deployed at Bhavnagar & C/102 deployed, at Vadodara in c/w Rath Yatra in Gujarat state wef 26/06/11 to 04/07/2011, both coys played a significant role in smooth conduct of incident free Rath Yatra festival in Gujarat state and performed their duties without any untoward incident.

         On 16/03/11 at about 0920 hrs telephonic information received from Papidichapada civilian by our C/room that a fire has broken out near Somwar Temple at Papidichapada nearly one kilometer from our camp under Police station Taloja immediately our zero response coy C/102 under command Shri M M thakur all officers of this unit and overall supervision Shri. P R Jambholkar, Commandant along with fire fighting party and fire tender vehicle of this unit rushed to the spot & controlled the fire after some time fire brigade of Navi Mumbai also reached to the incident site. No loss of life. Roof of three houses were completely burnt. Timely action of our troops prevented fire to spread near by houses & area

        A,C, D/102 of this unit were deployed at Mumbai for law and order duties in  connection with Navaratri Durga Devi festival wef 05/10/11 to 09/10/2011 during deployment  period on 07, 2330 a communal tension at Bharat  Nagar ( Valmiki Nagar) under Police station  Bandra Kurla complex , Mumbai rioting and ransoming took place in Valmiki nagar and Madarsa Namaz Committee gali, A/C/D/102 deployed at Valmiki Nagar Mumbai in emergency incident of routing all three coys played a significant role in handling and controlling serious riotous situation.

       B/102 deployed at Mumbai in connection with Mahaparinirman rally of Dr.B R Ambedkar at Chiatanya Bhumi under police station Shivaji park on 06/12/2011 at about 1030 a Republic Sena Party members/ supporters approximately 10,000 with their leader Mr Anand Raj Ambedekar forcibly entered in Jute mills (under taking National Textiles Corporation Limited ) which is located near by Shivaji park and kept statue and photo of Dr B R Ambedekar inside of mills and also hosted flags of Republic Sena party. During this time situation was very tense and then civil police called our B/102 RAF from Shivaji Park Chatchitya Bhumi to Indomills and civil police with presence.

103 Bn

   A/103 coy and one platoon of D/103 were deployed in Police station Rudrapur district- Udham Singh Nagar (UKD) wef 02/10/11 to 21/10/11 for law and order duty in connection with communal clashes. 

  B, D coys of this unit were deployed in Uttar Pradesh wef 08/05/11 to 13/05/11 for law and orde duty in connection with Farmer agitation under Ploice station Gautam Budh Nagar.

    A,C, coys of this unit  were deployed in Uttar Pradesh for maintaining law and order duty in connection with Farmer agitation  under Police station Dankour district -Goutam Budh Nagar.       

104 Bn

All coys of this were deployed at District – J.P. Nagar  Moradabad & Mathura wef 06/03/11 to 17/03/11 in connection with demand of reservation/  agitation by the Jaat community. During the deployment coys have done a Tremendous job in controlling agitating Jaat, which was appreciated by civil authority. 

105 Bn

S/Unit A/105 completed Ops deployment peacefully without any single untoward incident at Sabarimala, Kerala, during Makara Vilakku season w.e.f 15/11/10 to 20/01/11 (.) Crores of devotees visited the Sabarimala Temple during the above said period and our role was highly appreciated by print & Mass Media (.) In recognition of the exemplary works done by the S/Unit the Hon’ble DGP, CRPF Sh. K.Vijayakumar conferred 08 DG Discs and 13 appreciation letters to our S/Unit personnel. 

                  During the above said deployments at Sabarimala our troops controlled the crowd of devotees several times from stampede and kept the area incident free.

S/Unit A, D/105 coys were deployed at Hyderabad (A.P) w.e.f 24/06/11 to 28/09/11 & 26/09/11 and B, C/105 23/09/11 & 27/09/11 to 15/12/11 in c/w Telangana Agitation, during the deployment all the agitation and turmoil was controlled and kept under control by our s/units, which was highly appreciated by Andhra Pradesh civil administration and Mass Media.

          Sub units B, C, D/105 were deployed for ICC World Cup final cricket match 2011 (India Vs Sri Lanka) w.e.f 25/03/11 to 06/04/11 at Mumbai (Maharashtra). Our role during deployment in Mumbai was highly appreciated by civil adminsitration and public. S/Units B, C/105 was deployed for Ganesh Chathurthi immersion procession on 03/09/11 and 05/09/11 respectively at Coimbatore( Tamilnadu). S/Unit A/105 was deployed for Dasara festival in Mysore (Karnataka) on 05/10/11 to 06/10/11 at Mysore (Karnataka). S/Unit A/105 was deployed in c/w 19th Anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition day on 06/12/11 at Coimbatore( Tamilnadu). Above deployment contained the probable communal conflicts and ensured peace and harmony among different sections of the society in the A.O.R. Our S/Unit personnel showed their dexterity and professional acumen and controlled the volatile situations. All the S/Units of this Unit actively carried out their assigned tasks during deployment with full devotion and sincerity. Due to the effective supervision of officers and active involvement of men no untoward incident happened during the deployment and kept A.O.R incident free. No Ops misconduct or human right violation or any kind of allegations were reported by public, print or Mass Media but our role and duty was highly appreciated and respected  by all in all respect. Our S/Unit personnel exhibited exceptional courage and devotion to duty and admirable presence of mind and created a sense of security among different communities and residents / devotees during their respective deployment. All the Ops deeds and deployments were successful and morale booster for the entire police force of the country.

106 Bn

     On 03/08/11 due to the our break of Chikungunya , Dengu and a mysterious viral fever in Jamshedpur city. This unit has come forward to assist the health dept in tackling the rush of patients coming to MGM hospital Jamshedpur and this unit have put up camps with 36 beds to accommodate patients who had felt to get place in the hospital and also this unit Jawans clear a mucky in the Jamshedpur town area that iws in the midst of a viral fever outbreak and role and achievement was highly praised by civil administration, local public and Media.

      Communal clashes held on 13/11/10 at Hazaribagh (JKD) during Chath Pooja. A,C/106 coys  rushed to the location on 14/11/10 and handled the situation effectively.

      C/106 was also apprehended suspicious person on 18/10/11 and handed over to civil Police. The role and achievement was highly praised by SP, DM and local Media.

       Due to wake of communal disturbance in district Seohar (Bihar). Two coy of this unit rushed to the location on 09/09/11 and handled the situation effectively. The role and achievement was highly praised by SP, DM and local Media.

      A,B/106 rushed to the Ramjanamanagar  under Police station of Jamshedpur on 31/03/11 to deal with law and order problem due to anti encroachment drive in Jamshedpur city area and as soon as coys reached to the spot at 1045 hrs along with local police. Due to deployment of both coy they dispersed the Mob and the situation/agitation was become under control.     

107 Bn

     Two coys of this unit were deployed at Ujjain up to 29/5/2011 due to communal riots between two communities in connection with shooting of one VHP member supplying news papers in village. Large Nos of civilians of both communities assembled at various places in Ujjain and Nagda village causing unrest. 

     Two of this unit dissolved the crisis effectively and brought situation under control taking people into confidence.

     On 11/8/2011 all coys of this unit were deployed up to 20/8/2011 during communal tension between two communities in Bhopal mob also did stone pelting on Police personnel and duty personnel but same was controlled aptly without any further spillage.

      On 03/9/2011 two  coys of this unit were deployed for law and order duty during communal tension between two communities in Ujjain and Nagda in which large Nos of civilian were assembled at various places but the coys of 107 Bn RAF dealt and controlled the problem effectively. 

      On 26/3/2011 two coys of this unit were deployed in connection with Jat agitation at Delhi up to 28/3/2011 during the deployment the personnel of this unit handled the agitation effectively. 

       On 3/12/2011 two coys of this unit were again deployed in Bhopal on the eve of Bhopal Gas tragedy anniversary when mob turned violent and brought situation under control.

108 Bn

      Succeeded in maintaining incident free AOR inspite of communal tension in Meerut, Bareilly, Moradabad and U.S Nagar and Farmers/Jats agitation etc.
    On 16/12/2010 at about 0945 hrs two civil buses of KIET and BIT college Meerut met an accident near unit campus area. On receipt of information rescue and relief party under command Shri. Anil Kumar Dy. Commandant along with medical staff of this unit immediately rushed to the spot and carried out rescue and relief 08 injured personnel were immediately. Evacuated to nearest Subharti Medical College Meerut and 09 personnel minor injured were given first and in unit hospital and discharged.

       On 15/04/2011 fire has broke out at GAIL & BSNL Godown at Ganga Nagar Meerut and receipt of information from fire brigade Meerut C/108 Bn RAF under command Shri Ved Prakash along with water canon, fire tender and water truck rushed to fire site and carried out rescue and relief operation with Meerut fire brigade after two hours fire brought under control.

     A, B/108 of this unit were deployed for law and order duty at Moradabad [UP] wef 10/02/2011 to 16/02/2011 on 16/02/2011 communal riot erupted at  Rustam Nagar Sahaspur under Police station Bilari [Moradabad] during Baravafaat procession and deployment of above coys extended up to 19/02/201 on receipt of the order the a/108 was urgently deployed for containment of riot at Rustam Nagar Sahaspur during deployed on 17/02/2011 at 1100 hrs some anti-  social elements started heavy stone pelting on civil police and our troops on  the order of duty executive magistrate our troops fired t.s munitions [LRS-32 &rubber bullets-16] and subsequently lathi charges. The situation was brought under control.

      On 24/04/2011 an incident of alleged beating up of lmam of mosque at village- Kazipur , under Police Kharkhoda, Meerut by four boys in this incident people from  the minority community got agitated over the incident and started indulging in  stone pelting and large scale arson in city. The mob torched about a dozen vehicles and a number of kiosks. The mob of communities also attacked police post and kamela there was wide spread arson and destruction. On 24/4/2011 at 2240 hrs as per telephonic requisition from DM-Meerut, B/108 under command   Shri S.S Tomar, A/C under command of Shri D.S Rawat, commandant was immediately deployed for emergent law and order duty at meerut and as per order of MHA B,C,D/108 deployed wef    25//4/2011 to 02/05/2011 and the situation could be controlled when a largenumber of forces including RAF were deployed in the area. 

      The communal riot broke our in Moradabad between Hindu and Muslims on   07/08/2011 on the dispute over passage for the procession of Kanwar yatrees under Police station Katghar Moradabad which was objected by muslins again on 09/08/2011 wide spread communal riot broke out in the area of police station Kathghar Kowali Galshahid Mugalpura, Nagphani all coys of this unit were released for SSP Moradabad wef 10/08/2011 by MHA with immediately effect for containment of riot. The situation controlled on deployment of all coys. 

      On 06/07/2011 an incident of alleged when police party searching the house of accused the Holy Quran unfortunately fall down and misbehaved with the Muslim woman at village- Aslatpur, under Police station Mainther, Moradabad. In this incident people from the minority community got agitated the incident and started indulging in stone pelting and large scale arson in the city. The mob torched civil police vehicles and post. The mob of communities also attacked on Police parties on 07/07/2011 as per order of Mha A,B,C/108 deployed wef 07/07/2011 to 13/7/2011 and the situation could be controlled when a large number of forces  including RAF were deployed in the area.
    On 02/10/2011 at Rudarpur, U.S Nagar [UKD] the communal clashes faced between two communities on the alleged desecration of Holy Quran by member of the other community. As per order of MHA A/108 were released for SSP U.S Nagar at   Rudarpur with immediate effect for containment for communal clashes wef     02/10/2011 to 07/10/2011 the situation could be controlled. 

      On 19/02/2011 mid night about 0100 hrs b/108 immediately moved from Moradabad to Noida [G.B Nagar] and on 19/02/2011 [AM] C,D/108 were immediately moved from Hqr to Noida for emergent  law and order duties in connection with farmers agitation the B/108 remained deployed  at Noida [G.B NAGAR ] on 19/02/2011 and other coys deployed up to 27/02/2011. Again on 04/03/2011 of D, A, C/108 from 06/03/2011 was immediately moved from Hqr to Noida for emergent law and order duties in connection with farmer’s agitation and remained deployed up to 17/03/2011. The extra effort of our troops and the situation was brought under control this was appreciated by the district administration.
      During Jat agitation in J.P NAGAR [UP] all coys of this unit deployed on 18/03/2011.  Jats are adamant on their demand for inclusion of jat community in OBC list. In order to press their demand for reservation, they had blocked Kafurpur railway station for about 15 days. On 19/03/2011 in order to remove the blockade 04 coys of this unit along with large contingent of civil police and PAC was also deployed. The blockade from railway tracks was lifted by jats but is still continuing with their agitation. Extra effort of our troops the situation was brought under control. This was appreciated by the district administration.





The Govt. of India had accorded approval for setting up of Commando Battalions for Resolute Action (CoBRA) for guerilla/jungle warfare type operations for dealing with extremists and insurgents, etc.  vide U.O. NO. 16011/5/200-PF.IV dated 12/09/2008.   

2.       The Govt. had accorded sanction of raising of 10 unattached battalions of CoBRA in CRPF, with a Sector Headquarter for these battalions headed by an Inspector General, in three years as per the raising schedule given below :-

           (i)      2008-09       :         02 (two) Battalions and Sector Hqrs, CoBRA

          (ii)      2009-10       :         04 (four) Battalions.

          (iii)     2010-11       :         04 (four) Battalions.

 3.       Accordingly, the CoBRA Sector started its functioning at Dte. Genl., CRPF, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi under the Command of Shri K. Durga Prasad, IG, CoBRA Sector.   Later, in  March, 2009,  the Sector HQ shifted to Pushp Vihar, New Delhi in a separate building and further on 11/11/2009  it has been shifted to Old Sectretariate, Civil Lines, Delhi.

 4.       Presently, Dr. N.C. Asthana, IPS is holding the charge of IG CoBRA Sector since 11/11/2010.

 5.       All 10 CoBRA Bns had been raised in phased manner and started its functioning as follows:-   


Name and Raising place of Unit

Date of Operationalization


201 CoBRA

Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh)



202 CoBRA

Koraput (Orissa)



203 CoBRA

Sindri, Jharkhand



204 CoBRA

Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh)



205 CoBRA

Mokamaghat (Bihar)



206 CoBRA

Gadhchiroli (Maharashtra)



207 CoBRA

Durgapur (West Bengal)



208 CoBRA

Allahabad (U.P.)



209 CoBRA

Khunti (Jharkhand)



210 CoBRA

Dalgaon (Assam)



§        Ops conducted in  Singamdgu  Dantewada  distt. on 17/09/2009 in which approx 30-40 Maoists were believed to have been killed .

§        On 09/01/2010 under PS Jagargunda in distt. Dantewada, 04 Maoists were killed and 01 12 Bore Gun with 04 Cartridges  , 03 Muzzle Loading Gun, 02 Tiffin Bomb, 01 Country made bomb, Drum  and Maoists literature with photographs were recovered.  

§        Ops Jaws carried out by 08 teams of 203 CoBRA from 11 TO 15TH June in area of PS Sonua & Bandgaon Distt.- W/ Singhbhum, Jharkhand in which a full fledged Maoists camp was destroyed  and reportedly 12 Maoists cadres were neutralized.

§        During a special ops launched in Duli forest area in W/Midnapur  distt. (WB)  on 15-16/06/10 , 08 Maoists cadres were neutralized and a huge cache of arms/amns were recovered.  

§        During a special ops launched in Kayma forest area in W/Midnapur  Distt. (WB)  from 25-26/07/10 , 06 Maoists cadres were neutralized and a huge cache of arms/amns were recovered.  

§        In a special ops launched in Saranda forest area in Distt. -  W/Singhbhum, Jharkhand from 24-28/09/10 Cobra teams were able to penetrate deep in forest and neutralized one Maoist, apprehended 4 Maoists cadres, busted 12 Maoist camps and recovery of arms/amn/explosives. 

CoBRA Sector is continuous winner of Best CRPF Anniversary Parade 2009, 2010 and 2011


          134 Persl - DG Disc for Operational excellence

         11 Persl   - DG Discs in Administration Purpose

         04 Persl  - DG Discs in Training Purpose

CoBRA sector is proud to have 09 Gallantry Medal winners including a SHAURYA CHAKRA.

In the year 2010 & 2011 CoBRA has received highest number of DG Discs on operational front.

Shaurya Chakra Awardee Late CT/GD Asish Kr. Tiwari

    CoBRA commando Ashish Kumar Tiwari is the lone policeman to be decorated with the SHAURYA CHAKRA posthumously this Independence Day and 2nd in CRPF for single-handedly pinning down a squad of Maoists which resulted in the killing of top Naxal leader Sidhu Soren in West Bengal last year.

    Tiwari, a commando of the elite 202 (CoBRA), suffered multiple bullet injuries during the assault but did not let the holed-up Maoists flee and kept firing from his INSAS rifle till he breathed his last. The operation on July 26 last year in the forests of Kayma village of West Midnapore district was hailed as one of the major successes for security forces conducting anti-Naxal operations in the area.











        OWN             LOSS                    





DEAD BODY NOT RECOVERED ,But Verified By Civil Authy.


















GRENADE- 03, EXPLOSIVE – 175.5 Kg.

MARTYRED – 02 AC, 01 SI/GD, 01 HC/GD, 02 CT/GD (TOTAL-06)

ARMS-05, AMMN/MAG-1643/27






















CORDEX/SAFETY FUSE – 1250 Mtr.                                                  


& 08 INJURED , ARMS-01,

MAG – 05, AMMN – 88













































































EXPLOSIVE –137 Kgs..










IED/MINES/BOMB - 440, DETONATOR – 1321, GRANADE -77, EXPLOSIVE-3545.330 Grm.,

CORDEX – 1250 Mtr.

MARTYRED – 02 AC, 01 SI/GD, 01 HC/GD, 10 CT/GD (TOTAL-14)

13 CTs & 01 HC/GD INJURED,