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Name Of Personnel
Rank & Unit :
Native Place :
Father Name & Address :

Place of Valour :
088 BN
Awards/Rewards/Distinction :
Date Of Birth :
Date Of Joining The Force :
January 01, 1994
Date of Valour :
December 13, 2001

Brief :

On 13th December 2001, Constable (M) Kamlesh Kumari was deployed on duty in the Parliament House at Iron gate No. 1 from where Union Ministers, Members of Parliament and other dignitaries enter the Parliament House. At about 11:40 Hrs, fi ve terrorists armed with sophisticated weapons and explosives entered the Parliament house in an Ambassador car and on reaching gate No. 11meant for the entry of the honourable Vice President, opened heavy fi re and lobbed high explosive grenades. Th e att ack was immediately noticed by Constable(M) Kamlesh Kumari, who pursued the terrorists who were trying to enter the Parliament house building. Seeing her movements, the terrorists opened indiscriminate fi re on her and the other troops positioned at the gate, which resulted in the martyrdom of four civil police personnel and several injuries to other civilians in the parliament house including her. Despite sustaining injuries the braveheart did not deter from her task and kept following the terrorists while relaying vital information to other troopers. Hearing the gunshots at gate No. 11, Head Constable Y B Th apa and Constable Sukhwinder Singh, who were deployed at Parliament house gate No.1, became vigilant and prepared themselves to confront the terrorists. Soon enough a militant approached gate No. 1 and began fi ring incessantly, at Head Constable Y B Th apa and Constable Sukhwinder Singh to gain entry in to the Parliament House. Despite having incessant fi re, the duo stood fi rm and fi red accurate shots at the advancing terrorist and shot him on the steps of gate No. 1, much before he could reach the door. Th e injured then blew the strapped on to his body and died which made the other terrorists abandon their pan to enter from gate No. 1. Constable Shyambir Singh who was deployed at gate No. 5 noticed a terrorist approaching gate No. 5 from gate No. 9. Th e terrorist was fi ring seeklessly and gate No. 5, which is exclusively for the honourable Prime Minister, was at great risk. Th ere terrorist lobbed successive grenades injuring many SDG offi cers/personnel. Undeterred by the hail of bullets and blasting of grenades Constable. Shyambir Singh kept a close watch on the terrorist and waited for him to reach his eff ective fi ring range. As soon as the terrorists stepped inside the porch of the building next to gate No. 5, Constable Shyambir Singh quickly swerved around the pillar of the porch and killed him before the terrorist could succeed in forcing his way inside the building. While at the same time, Shri NMS Nair AIG, SPG, PMO, who was present near gate No. 5, on hearing the fi ring and blast and aft er gett ing reports from the ADG personnel on duty outside gate No. 5,quickly mobilized SPG personal to secure the PM’s Zone. Likewise Constable. D. Santosh Kumar who was fully alert and vigilant at his duty point heard the fi ring and grenades exploding and immediately rushed to his post, contacted and consulted his company. He then fi red at the terrorists who were scaling the wall and advancing towards gate No. 9 but the terrorist managed to advance and took cover under the portico ofgate No. 9 and continued heavy fi ring. CRPF personnel at Gate No. 5 also returned fi re on them. When Constable. D. Santosh Kumar did not get a clear line of fi ring at the terrorists, he scaled the perimeter wall and fi red at them. Th ree terrorists were killed by him whose dead bodies were found under the portico of gate No. 9. For their conspicuous gallantry, courage and devotion to duty of a high order, fi ve CRPF personnel were awarded the coveted "Shaurya Chakra”. Constable (Mahila) Kamlesh Kumari sacrifi ced her life for the country whilefi ghting the terrorists and was awarded the "Ashoka Chakra”.
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